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Product designation: MACApur600 (PZN - 3411036)
Can/Bottle contents: 100 capsules of 600 mg maca powder
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Maca is for thousands of years in such a highly prized for their nutritional value that the plant cultic significance, for example obtained in fertility rites.

At the time of the conquistadors MACA even served as a legal tender.

Under great difficulty the plants are cultivated by a special tradition in the barren Andean areas of Peru.

Strong sunlight, large temperature fluctuations and harsh winds require a high degree of resilience of all living creatures and plants here.

In her Peruvian homeland MACA looks like a big radish, consumed in many different ways: raw, roasted, dried in the form of chips, in beverages and so on …

Because the nutritional value, the micronutrients in a favorable ratio for humans, was and is MACA a valuable food.

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