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Product designation: GenisteinCF8 (PZN - 3411175)
Can/Bottle contents: 100 tablets per 8 mg of pure genistein
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Genistein is obtained from the soybean. For many years in China cultivated soy plant is today, no longer valued by the very high proportion of isoflavones, especially genistein only as food and protein source.

People in Asian countries take more soy per day to as for example the people in Western Europe.

Statistics of general health condition and the susceptibility to specific diseases, compared from Asia to Europe, underpin the known beneficial properties of isoflavones contained in soy.

Like all isoflavones, genistein is a so-called Phytochemicals.

Genistein has an antioxidant character and has positive characters, for example: the immune system, the total-cholesterol and calcium household, as well as the classic menopausal symptoms.

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